Maura J. Graber
Maura J. Graber began an image enhancement business in 1984 after opening the first of her southern California clothing boutiques. By 1988 she had launched a clothing line which was carried by boutiques and department stores across the United States.
Graber entered the field of etiquette in 1990, opening The RSVP Institute of Etiquette and since then has taught thousands of students of all ages, from all walks of life. Schoolchildren, celebrities, CEOs, have all benefitted from her courses on the vital skills needed to help them navigate the intricate, and sometimes baffling, social pathways they'll encounter throughout their lives.
Maura hosted 9 course gilded age and Victorian dinner etiquette seminars in the historic C.C. Graber House in Ontario California and has lectured on the subject for over 34 years. She soon became a respected authority on dining and etiquette history and has written three popular etiquette, cutlery and dining history books, "Let Them Eat Cake," "Reaching for the Right Fork" and "What Have We Here?" Her fourth book will be released in the early part of 2024.
Maura has been covered in hundreds of print publications, including The Los Angeles Times, Victoria Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Parenting Magazine, the Korean Times and the European magazine, "Historié." As a sought-after authority and speaker, she was a frequent guest on radio and television over the last 3 decades. She was a featured regularly as a segment producer and on-air personality on Southern California's KVCR-PBS for 14 years, and was the TableTop spokesperson for a regional department store chain for several years.
As matriarch of the Graber Olive House and C.C. Graber Olive Company, she remains involved in the historic, 130 year old family olive business, but continues to consult, teach etiquette and write. Since 2020, Graber has been working as a historical etiquette and dining consultant for Julian Fellowes on his HBO period drama, "The Gilded Age" and as the site editor and creator of the online site, Etiquipedia Etiquette Encyclopedia, which is read globally by thousands of readers each week. She continues to make guest appearances in online webinars, on podcasts and radio.
Maura with Martha Stewart
Maura and her daughter Kat with Martha Stewart. Maura hosted a dinner in her
         home for Ms. Stewart, during one of her visits to Southern California
Maura with Freda Payne at one of her dining seminars
Maura with Don Richardson, curator of zoo, (right) and Mike Flattery(left) KVCR producer for "Evening Edition" at the Moonridge Zoo in Big Bear. Photo by Robert Graber
Above is the story Maura did on the Moonridge Zoo in Big Bear
Maura appears on KTLA with weatherman Mark Kriski

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