Maura J. Graber

Q. I've never taught it easy to teach?

A. Even though you have no teaching experience, any time you exchange information on how to do something, or how something works, you are teaching. For example: If you have been a hairdresser for many years you have undoubtedly explained to clients how to style or maintain their cut after it is washed at home next. I believe everyone has his or her own style of teaching, just as everyone has his, or her, own style of learning.

Q. Is it hard to market an etiquette business?

A.Marketing your business is relatively simple and inexpensive. Most schools, businesses and organizations in your area will be happy to hear someone is offering classes on behaviors that were once called "common courtesies" which are now so uncommon.Materials included in the Instructor Program will show you the versatillity of marketing options available to your, some at little, or no cost to you. Let people know you have started your business. You will be surprised at the positive responses you receive!

Q.Will success mean I will run out of students?

A. As children grow, so do their needs. I have taught many small children, only to have them take classes again prior to their first high school proms. I have also now taught a few children of former graduates who took my classes as teens.

Q. Can the R.S.V.P Institute of Etiquette ensure my sucess?

A. Only you can determine whether or not your business is a success. Teaching etiquette requires passion and commitment. My program provide you with all the materials and support to get your business off to a good start!


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