Maura J. Graber

Q. My kids don’t do well together. Should I separate them into different classes?

A. From experience I have found that siblings work better together when they are actively involved in something that is fun. R.S.V.P. classes are fun! Even teens who were very unhappy to find they had been enrolled in the classes to begin, wind up enjoying the classes and asking lots of questions.

Q. Mine is an only child. Shouldn’t he be in with peers?

A. I have found that each student is different. If your child needs a friend or buddy to take the class with, you can always ask friends, neighbors or relatives. Sometimes teens want personal attention and do not feel comfortable learning how to be more socially self confident with others around. They do not want to appear “dumb” in front of peers. One-on-one courses are a bit more expensive, however they help pave the path to a better self-image and are highly worth the price.

Q. If I take the class too, will my child really want to learn as much?

A. Yes. When your child sees that you are willing to master the same skills that he or she is being taught, enthusiasm in the classes grows.


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