Maura J. Graber

Culture Speak Skills Quiz

By Maura J. Graber & The R.S.V.P. Institute

           We live in an ever changing and ever evolving, global economy and society. Effective communication is an important factor in all aspects of our business and social endeavors.  How others interpret your “Culture Speak” affects not only your social life, but it can affect your bank account as well. 

           Most linguists agree that there is a sensory mode, unique to each culture, that is expressed in a figure of speech enabling a person to say how fully he, or she, knows something. 

           Match the countryman with the proper figure of speech to find  your “Culture Speak” score and what your score may reveal about your communication with others.

The sensory mode & figure of speech expressed:
1.  Complete Involvement-  “ if I had given birth to it.”    
2.  Auditory or Acoustic-  “ the bottom.”
3.  Tactile-   “ the inside of my pocket.”
4.  Visual-   “ the back of my hand.”
5.  Iconic or Recognized Form-   “ the palm of my hand.” 
6.  Kinetic-  “...inside-out.”
7.  Vocal or Acoustic- “I could say it backward and not make a       mistake.”
8.  Active Process-  “ a snake swimming in water.”

The  Culture Speaker involved:        
Is Chinese Is a Thailander
Is British Is Russian
Is a Spaniard Is American
Is a Frenchman Is German
To find out how you did        

Give yourself a point for every correct answer.  What does your score reveal about your “culture speak” savvy?  

If you scored; 
0-2 pts.  You may need to get out into the world more often.
3-5  pts.   You’re pretty savvy with your culture speak. Congrats!
6-8  pts.   Please start teaching others.  We all might get along better.           

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